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Early College

Early College is a program for high school students within the Grand Traverse region and Wexford-Missaukee ISD to earn college credits and up to an associate degree by completing course work at their home high schools, at Northwest Ed Services (formerly TBAISD), or WMISD Career-Tech Centers, and on Northwestern Michigan College's campus. Participating students and parents will recognize significant tuition cost savings and be on a faster track to obtaining a college degree. Course tuition is funded through Michigan school aid funds.

Early College Programs

Simply Put, Early College is:

  • Public, tuition-free
  • An extended high school program including a 13th year
  • Integrated with high school courses
  • Includes college campus experience
  • Degree and career-focused

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Benefits of Early College

  • Tuition cost savings
  • Career fast track
  • High-value/low cost
  • Accelerated learning
  • Reduced time in college
  • Blended learning